GP2 - Matterley Basin (Great Britain)

24 Marzo 2019


The Standing Construct KTM team finished in the second race for the MXGP World Championship in the British Matterley Basin with Glenn Coldenhoff and Max Anstie in the top ten. Ivo Monticelli also came in the top ten in the second moto but did not score in a difficult first moto.

For Glenn Coldenhoff, the British Grand Prix marked another step in the progression to his former level after his injury in the winter period. Above expectations, Coldenhoff rode two solid heats and managed to finish nicely with a twelfth and eighth place in the daily classification.

Max Anstie had to make up for a catch-up race in front of his own audience in both heats. In the first moto he came in twelfth place in the first lap after a difficult first turn and fought himself back to seventh position during the race. In the second moto he got involved in a crash with a number of other riders and he had more work to do when he passed the start / finish in the first lap outside the top twenty. Anstie gave everything he had and worked his way up to a fourteenth place, which earned him a ninth place in the daily classification.

Ivo Monticelli got a very good start in the first moto and drove around the fifth position for a while in the initial phase. In big duels with a few experienced and established values in the MXGP category, however, he overridden his strength and physically got the cover in the second half of the moto. In the second moto it was therefore important to spread his strength, something he did well, as he crossed the finish line in a good tenth position after a strong final shot.

Anstie is in eighth place in the world championship standings, Coldenhoff has climbed to thirteenth and Monticelli is seventeenth. Next weekend the Dutch Grand Prix is scheduled for the Standing Construct KTM team in Valkenswaard.

Daily result MXGP England:
1 Antonio Cairoli 47 Pnt
2 Tim Gajser 45 Pnt
3 Gautier Paulin 42 Pnt
4 Clement Desalle 32 Pnt
5 Jeremy van Horebeek 31 Pnt
8 Glenn Coldenhoff 22 Pnt
9 Max Anstie 21 Pnt
17 Ivo Monticelli 11 Pnt

MXGP World Championship standings:
1 Antonio Cairoli 97 Pnt
2 Tim Gajser 89 Pnt
3 Gautier Paulin 74 Pnt
4 Jeremy van Horebeek 66 Pnt
5 Clement Desalle 65 Pnt
8 Max Anstie 39 Pnt
13 Glenn Coldenhoff 29 Pnt
17 Ivo Monticelli 22 Pnt