7 Aprile 2019


The Standing Construct KTM Team can look back at some notable successes at the Italian round of the MXGP world championships at Arco di Trento in Italy. Ivo Monticelli achieved the best GP result of his career with a fifth place finish and Glenn Coldenhoff continued in a rising line, finishing ninth. Max Anstie, however, had a weekend to forget and did not add to his world championship score.

Monticelli showed his intent on Saturday already. He posted the 11th fastest time in qualifying, and had a banger of a qualifying race, finishing fourth. This boosted his confidence, and in the first race on Sunday, he actually held onto third spot initially. Despite the attentions of the world’s best riders, he still finished fifth. Monticelli rode a steady, risk-free second heat and finished sixth. This was good enough for fifth overall.

Glenn Coldenhoff had a good start in race one, but a crash relegated him to the rear ranks. He fought his way forward, and pulled a 14th position out of the bag. A start in the top ten gave him a solid platform in race two, and he kept the fight going to the very end, finishing seventh.

Max Anstie suffered setbacks yet again. After a bad start, he gave it his all to move forward, bit a crash left him with a minor leg injury, and he retired from the race. Still wracked with pain, he lined up for race two. He was in a solid top five position till another bike’s footpeg hooked into his rear wheel, ripping out several spokes. This forced a pitstop to change the wheel, and lost him an entire lap. He tried all he could, and recovered from outside the top 30 to 22nd, just outside the points.

Monticelli with fifth overall has jumped to 12th in the world standings. Coldenhoff is steady in 13th, and Anstie’s woeful day dropped him to 16th.

The world championship series has a five week pause now and will continue on 12 May at Mantova.

Overall MXGP Italy:

1 Tim Gajser 50 Pnt

2 Antonio Cairoli 44 Pnt

3 Gautier Paulin 40 Pnt

4 Arnaud Tonus 36 Pnt

5 Ivo Monticelli 31 Pnt

9 Glenn Coldenhoff 21 Pnt

25 Max Anstie 0 Pnt

World Championship Standings MXGP:

1 Antonio Cairoli 191 Pnt

2 Tim Gajser 175 Pnt

3 Gautier Paulin 142 Pnt

4 Arminas Jasikonis 120 Pnt

5 Jeremy van Horebeek 113 Pnt

12 Ivo Monticelli 66 Pnt

13 Glenn Coldenhoff 65 Pnt

16 Max Anstie 56 Pnt