Date of birth: August 16th, 1994
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 75 Kg

2003 Marche Championship (Cadetti), 1st place
Italian Champioship (Cadetti), 6th place (Kawasaki 85cc)

2007 Italian Championship (Junior), 2nd place (Honda 150cc)
Honda Junior Trophy, 1st place (Honda 150cc)
Mundialito. 22nd place (Honda 150cc)

2008 Italian Championship (Senior), 2nd place (Honda 150cc)
European Minicross Championship, 1st place (Honda 85cc)

2009 European Supercross Championship, 1° place
Italian Minicross Campionship, 2° place

2011 FIM World Championship AMA West Lites Supercross (U.S.A.)
FIM Motocross World Championship MX2

2013 FIM Motocross World Championship MX2 (24th)

2015 FIM Motocross World Championship MX2 (16th)
Italian Championship MX2, 1° place
Motocross of Nations MX1 (Italy 14° place)
Motocross of European Nations, 1° place, (Italy 1° place)

2018 Motocross World Championship MX2 (23rd)

2019 Motocross World Championship MX2 (11th)

2020 Motocross World Championship Factory Gas Gas MXGP (15th)

2021 Motocross World Championship Factory Kawasaki MXGP

History of 128: Ivo Monticelli

Ivo "the timed" Monticelli made his debut as a motocross rider on March 31st , 2002 during the Motor Show in Villa Potenza (MC). On that occasion wearing the colours of Marchetti Racing Team and riding his KTM 65 he took part to one of the junior race of the Casoli Trophy, which has discovered many talented riders over the years. Ivo arrived second after his elder brother Ugo in 65cc.

In the second race at Seppio (MC) Ugo got second again this time behind Luca Moroni, his bitter rival in years to come. After this brilliant start Ivo decided to compete at the National Italian Championship the same year always on his Kawasaki, this time with the no. 28 by Team Speed Boys Montalbini".

Although the Italian championship had started 3 races, Ivo took part in his first National race at Pinerolo (TO) arriving 10th overall; in the 4th race of the season at Sinalunga (SI) he got 8th ; 10th place in San Severino Marche (MC) thanks to a fantastic comeback after sliding during the start. In the 6th and final race at Castiglione del Lago (PG) he obstinately reached the 2nd place overall. Having missed 2 races, Ivo eventually ended up 7th overall at the "Debutant Italian Championship".

At the end of the season he achieved 6th place at the "Trophy of the regions" in Cavallara (PU), wearing the regional team "Marche B", the 3rd place at the Minicross in Monteverde, and the first place at the " Marche Trophy" in Esanatoglia (MC). In 2003, sponsored by Motoclub Marchetti Osimo along with the"Team Speed Boys Montalbini" he took part in the " Regional Marche Championship" and "to the Lower Italian Championship". At the start of the season Ivo reached the podium several times riding his Kawasaki n° 38. He won 4 races becoming Lower Regional Minicross Champion, and he did well placing 6th overall standings of the final "Lower Italian Minicross Championship". 2004 2004 was a brand new year for Ivo: he moved up and changed bikes. Taking part to the " Junior Regional Minicross Championship" and to the " Italian Junior Minicross Championship " on his new Honda 85cc on behalf of the "Team Speed Boys Montalbini" along with the "Motoclub Marchetti" Ivo started his season with a fantastic 7th place in the first "Italian Junior Championship" in San Severino Marche, where despite being one of the youngest entrant he was able to compete with older and more experienced riders.

Unfortunately he ran into several accidents, subsequently he was placed 15th at the Italian Championship and 5th in the Region Marche Championship.

In 2005 Ivo's adventure continued with his Motoclub Marchetti and his Honda 85cc provided by the "Team Speed Boys Montalbini". His race number is 28.
As Junior he prevailed 4 times and was always very well placed, getting 4th in the Regional Marche Championship, 10th in the National Junior Championship . He also won the " Marche Trophy ".

In 2006 Ivo was still sponsored by Team Speed Boys Montalbini and motoclub Marchetti. The time to fly high had come: 6 wins, 3 seconds and 1 third place, he became familiar with the podium.

In 2007 Ivo joined the "MAX Team" of Massimiliano Costantini and the "Motoclub il Ciclone". He now rode a Honda 150cc 4T with the no. 8 for the Italian Championship and the n°128 for the European Championship. The Italian Junior Minicross Championship started very well for Ivo getting an overwhelming victory in Bosisio Parini (Lecco).

While the number 128 led the Italian Championship, another challenge begun for Ivo: The European Minicross Championship UEM. Firm and obstinate Ivo achieved great results in Europe competing against stronger and more experienced riders. Unfortunately just in the middle of the season his appendix had to be immediately operated on Netherlands. In the last races of the Italian Championship, due to the aftermath of his operation, he lost the leadership and ended up 2nd in the season.

In the end he got 7 seasonal wins, among them, 2 first places at Super Cross in Milan and Genova, the HM Honda Trophy and the Marche-Abruzzo UISP Trophy. He also took 22nd place at the single race "Mondialito".

In 2008, Ivo became Senior and went to the "Honda Martin Junior Team" with is inseparable n°128. Unfortunately he had to face many injuries which will jeopardize his winter training, competing only 15 days after breaking his shoulder .

Ivo started the Senior Italian Championship getting 5th overall at the race in Montevarchi (Arezzo). In the second race at Città di Castello he came 1st overmatching all his competitors. In Mantova, after a bad injury to both clavicle and shoulder blade he finished 4th. 3rd place in San Severino Marche after a great win in the first race and an amazing comeback in the second race, which gave him an unexpected 6th. Owing to a bad start he made a spectacular comeback in Malpensa finishing 3rd . In the last race in Arco di Trento, Ivo had just one goal: to win both the races in order to get the maximum score and overtake the rider at the top of the ranking. He rode like never before and won both the races.

Eventually in spite of winning the most races of the season, 5 wins out of 12 races, he finished the championship 2nd overall due to the lack of regularity in the single races. In July, Ivo flew to US determined to compete with all the best motocross riders and to improve any possible detail of his driving. He got great results not only in Oklahoma but also in Tennessee : he placed 4th , 7th and 10th. During the Trophy of the Regions in Fermo his regional team came 8th. While many young riders were finishing their season with the "Italian Minicross Championship", Ivo took part in the European Supercross Junior Championship" (SXJ UEM).

Abiding by the rules Ivo was obliged to leave his 150cc 4T for an Honda 85cc.

3° at "Datch Forum in Milan",
1° at "Datch Forum in Milan",
1° at "EICMA in Milan",
1° at "Supercross in Genova" .
In the end Ivo became SXJ European Campion" .