8/08/2021 - 12:00 Ivo Monticelli: "Today was pretty hard for me. I was not able to ride during the week after injuring my shoulder in Lommel so I didn’t find a good feeling for the track in the morning; the track was bumpy with many ruts so it was hard for my shoulder. I made a really good start in the top eight in race one, then I just rode my own rhythm; it wasn’t fast but I could score points. I had a better feeling for the track in race two but another rider took me out at the start and I had to wait to free my bike; I found a good feeling to come back to nineteenth but then I had a big crash and had to rebuild again to finish eighteenth. My riding was positive in the second moto even though I crashed too much. Now I have four weeks to rebuild my shape before the next GP; first I will go back home in Italy for a few days to get some rest, then we will work with the team to prepare for the rest of the season."

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